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Water Jet Ski R+

Car Trailers up to 3.5 Tonnes

Zasław boat trailers belong to a modern line of vehicles produced from the best components available in the Polish market. Products from this category are marked with, among others: adjustable stem with belt winch by KNOTT, optimum adjustment of centre of gravity thanks to possibility of moving axle and wide angle of side roll inclination. The trailers are additionally fitted with 12V electrical wiring, supporting wheel with a clamp and waterproof axle by KNOTT of 750kg loading capacity, which guarantees long-term and corrosion-free usage. Frame of the trailers are treated against visual effect of surface ageing, “ecological passivation” has been used. All rolls used in the trailers have a big scope of regulation which helps to adjust the trailer to the transported scooter or boat. Rear light panel in Jet Ski R+ model is adjustable sidewise which allows fast and safe launching of transported boat.


Trailer dimensions4220x1590 mm
Own weight135 kg
Side rolls4x2RB
Bottom rolls2xRD
Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)750 kg
Loading capacity615 kg
Maximum boat length3.8 m
Total width1590 mm
Frame height from the ground52 cm
Tyre size155/70R13


13" steel spare wheel
13" aluminium wheel
13-pin installation + LED lighting
Spare wheel bracket on the frame
Anti-theft (parking) protection
Anti-theft (transport) protection

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