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 Health worker's day
Today is Healthcare Worker's Day, but whatever the date, every day we remember and appreciate the work of these superheroes!
 Premium trailers from Zaslaw
Currently, we have introduced changes in our agricultural trailers,
 Experience + quality = Zasław
At Zasław we combine our years of experience with modern technologies and the highest quality materials available on the market.
 Changes to the Common Agricultural Policy
An important change in the Common Agricultural Policy will be the new financing modality for direct payments, which will apply from 2021 to 2027.

 Curtain semi-trailers
Regardless of the season, you can be sure of high quality when choosing versatile curtainsider trailers from Zasław.
 Choose products from Zasław!
Look how great our tipper trailer looks in this graphite colour!
 Receive up to 50% refund!
Do you want to get a trailer for many years of trouble-free operation? Bet on Zaslaw!
 Choose Polish trailers from Zasław!
An excellent price-to-load relationship makes the D-737AA-12 agricultural trailer a very frequent choice among our customers.

 Black Edition trailer
We have recently released another D-762-14XL tandem trailer in premium BLACK EDITION for our customer.
 Customer review
Do you want to know what customers think of our products?
 Advantages of car trailers
Modern design, cold-rolled sides and heavy-duty hitches are just some of the advantages of our car trailers.
 Tipper presentation - video footage
We invite you to watch the next film presenting exactly one of the ZASŁAW tippers.
 Years of experience - excellent quality
Our dealers across the country are releasing more trailers for their customers every day.
 Zasław products on the roads of the world!
Do you use Zasław vehicles?
 Zasław seen through the eyes of children!
How is Zasław seen through the eyes of children?
 Trailer sales January/February 2020
We are very pleased to inform you that our Zaslavl D-737AA-12 agricultural trailer is among the top models
 We share knowledge!
At ZASŁAW, we have always focused on cooperation and
direct exchange of experience in the field of process automation.
 Semi-trailers with stanchion bar
In the production of our trailers we rely on both innovative and proven solutions.
 Project co-financed by the European Union
At Zaslaw, we focus on the development of innovation every day.
 Video report on the car trailer model 300SU
Check out the video made by one of our dealers
 Trailers Zasław - detailed information
To meet the frequently asked questions about ZASŁAW trailers, we answer some of them.
 Lead times
Often during agricultural fairs and events you ask us, what is the waiting time for ZASŁAW trailers?
 Profile of Zasław Russia
We invite you to watch videos and photos on the instagram profile of our Russian dealer: zaslaw.russia.
 AGRO SHOW in Ostróda
Thank you for being with us at the Masurian Agro Show in Ostróda.
 Polagra International Agricultural Fair
In February, we had the pleasure of participating in the International Agricultural Fair Polagra Premiery 2020 in Poznań.
 Curtain-sided semi-trailer
In the Zasław assortment we have curtain-sided vehicles.
 Stanchion semi-trailers
A new year means new challenges!
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