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D-764-21 1R (Agricultural)

AGRO vehicles

trailer is mainly intended for transport of root crops as well as material for silage. The smooth surface of the interior of box-body prevents damages to the agricultural produce while their loading and unloading. Trapezium-shaped box-body facilitates unloading of the trailer. The drawbar is equipped with oil-pneumatic springs which allows smooth regulation of height and pressure on the drawbar within 1-3t range without leaving the cabin. Additional advantage of the trailer is mechanism of automatic locking of the rear flap. The rear lights are fitted high to the box-body and they are additionally secured against damages and dirt by adjustable bumper. The vehicle can be fitted with additional extensions of 300mm or 600mm height, which significantly increases the vehicle’s volume. What is more, the loads can be transported with one extension demounted from the box-body which allows to lower the loading height without significant limitation to the vehicle’s capacity.


  • single-wire pneumatic braking system with manual regulation of braking force
  • drum brakes
  • handbrake
  • parking brake – membrane cylinders
  • 2 axles, mechanical suspension
  • tyres 550/65 R22,5" (new, not regenerated)
  • steel rims,
  • cushioned, adjustable drawbar with variable pressure within 1-3t range
  • chute slot in the rear flap with stream chute and cover which prevents water from getting into the box-body
  • sides of 1499 mm height
  • hydraulic rear flap
  • metal sheet thickness: floor (4mm), sides (4mm)
  • frame shot blasted and then painted with a primer and top coat paint in RAL 7021
  • box-body colour to choose from RAL 3004 (red), 6002 (green), 2004 (orange)
  • hydraulic cylinder with oil cut-off valve at maximum deflection of the loading body to the back at 50°
  • electrical wiring 12 V
  • drawbar eye fi 40
  • external entry ladder and internal welded steps
  • triangle for slow-running vehicles
  • plastic toolbox with accessories (wheel wrench, warning triangle)
  • adjustable rear bumper which shields rear lamps
  • protective lines of box-body
  • steps inside box-body ładunkowej
  • mudguard for each wheel
  • wheel wedges 2 pcs.

Technical data

Gross Vehicle Weight:21 000 kg

Loading capacity: 14 500 kg

Own weight (+/-2%): 6 000 kg

Volume: 24/33 (m3)

Internal length of box-body: 7 080 mm

Internal width of box-body: 2180/2 240 mm

Height without/with extensions: 2991/3591 mm

Total length: 9 257 mm

Total length: 2 550 mm

Sides height: 1499+600 mm

Wheel size: 550/60R22,5

Wheel track: 2 000 mm

Homologation: 40 km/h

Coupling height from the ground: 390-800 mm

Optional equipment

spare wheel

tarpaulin with framework

automatic rear hitch

automatic rear hitch V.Orlandi

rotary rear hitch

ball coupling K80

axles and suspension up to 60km/h

self-steering axle

tyres 600/50 R22,5”

tyres 550/60 R22,5”

hydraulic landing leg

working platform on the front wall

non-standard colour of box-body

rear halogens

600mm side extensions

double-wire pneumatics

water tank

300mm side extensions

rigid hook

tyres 560/60R22,5

tyres 600/65R23

tyres 650/60R26,5

tyres 700/50R26,5

ong mudflap with Zasław logo for the rear bumper

mudflaps for mudguards 2 pcs.

connections for the second trailer

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