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AGRO vehicles

Przyczepy rolnicze Zasław agriculture trailers are reflection of needs and understanding for the customer. While designing we demonstrated commitment by taking into consideration users’ needs on which a valuable product was built. Our modern trailers are intended for transport of various materials, in particular agricultural produce where precise tightness is required. .

Our innovative trailers are marked by: well-equipped standard versions, high loading capacity of box-bodies and bodywork tightness (without gaskets). Frame is made of double-T beam and the box-body floor is made of one piece of 5mm thick metal sheet. Tarpaulin is rolled out in 4 seconds, front wall is made of one piece of 3mm thick metal sheet, it is reinforced with bars and it is equipped with window for the operator as well as central platform, innovative system of connectors, central locking lever with intelligent force regulation of tightening, and a range of other amenities which makes the work with Zasław trailers comfortable and ergonomic. .

10t tandem trailer is marked by compact design, regulation of drawbar eye within 350-850 mm range as well as drawbar equipped with rubber bushings which absorbs the shocks and limits vertical wavering of the tandem. Tandem trailers have also additional vertical pressure on the drawbar which burdens the tractor increasing its pulling power.


  • front wall made of one piece of metal sheet with inspection window (thickness 3mm)
  • box-body colour to choose from RAL 3004 (red), 6002 (green), 2004 (orange)

  • foldable steps on front wall
  • double-wire pneumatic braking system with automatic regulation of braking force
  • handbrake
  • parking brake – membrane cylinders
  • 2 axles, mechanical suspension
  • drum brakes
  • tyres 385/65 R22,5" (new, not regenerated)
  • steel rims
  • homologation up to 40 km/h
  • electrical wiring 12 V
  • hydraulic cylinder with oil cut-off valve at maximum deflection of the loading body to the back at 50°, to the sides at 45°
  • chute slot in the rear dropside with stream chute and cover which prevents water from getting into the box-body
  • floor reinforced with steel sheet of 5 mm thickness
  • sealless box-body,
  • gasket between dropsides which prevents water from entering the box-body
  • openable and tilting dropsides, height 600x600mm, metal sheet thickness 2,5mm
  • new system of dropsides connection, chain fastening dropsides attached to the upper side
  • front wall made of one piece of metal sheet with inspection window
  • pneumatic, electric and hydraulic connections for the second trailer
  • triangle for slow-running vehicles
  • central locking handle with variable length for improvement of locking ergonomics
  • screwed front wall and rear pillars
  • screwed mechanism of central locking – 7 pcs of bolting hooks
  • parabolic springs
  • frame made of double-T beams, shot blasted and painted with a primer and top coat paint in RAL 7021 or galvanized depending on customer’s choice
  • drawbar eye fi 40
  • adjustable rear bumper which shields rear lamps
  • protective line of box-body
  • wheel wedges – 2 pcs.
  • wheel wrench and warning triangle
  • drawbar with exchangeable eye and adjustable height at 5 levels
  • manual landing leg with two operating speeds – slow and fast

*0,5% tolerance

Technical data

Loading capacity:

10 000 kg

Gross Vehicle Weight:

14 500 kg


13,2 m3

Number of axles:


Length of box-body:

4 545 mm*

Width of box-body:

2 420 mm*


2 670 mm*


6 570 mm*


2 550 mm

Platform height from the ground:

1 390 mm*

Dropsides height:

600+600 mm

Wheel size:

385/65 R22.5"

Wheel track:

1 900 mm

Homologation speed:

40 km/h

Coupling height from the ground:

210-830 mm

Optional equipment

tarpaulin + framework

working platform on front wall

spare wheel

spare wheel winch

automatic rear hitch

automatic rear hitch with wide flange

dropsides height 600/800 mm

rotary rear hitch

non-standard colour of dropsides

non-standard colour of frame

right (or left) lateral chute

wheels 385/65R22,5 Pirelli

wheels 425/65R22,5

wheels 385/65R22,5 Delcora (width in the point of contact with the ground 360 mm)

rear halogens

water tank


long mudflap with Zasław logo on the rear bumper

mudflaps for mudguards 2 pcs.

front mudguards

hydraulic landing leg

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