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Light curtain superstructure

Box-tarpaulin vehicles

Our light curtain superstructure is provided with easily moving, independent side walls, sliding stakes and ensures high level of tightness. Solid execution conforming to the XL standard..


  • fire-plated frame
  • aluminium front wall
  • aluminium / steel corner posts
  • roof sliding independently of the sides

Technical data

Trailer Vehicle
Length 7400 mm 8200 mm

7800 mm 7800 mm

8200 mm 7400 mm
Total height 4000 mm 4000 mm
Internal height max. max. 3050 mm max. 3100 mm
DMC 12 – 19 ton 11 ton – 18 ton

Optional equipment

Passage gangway : Available
Lifted roof Available
Plank basket Available
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