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Car trailer

Car trailers

Zasław car trailers belong to a modern line of vehicles produced from the best components available in the Polish market. Products from this category are marked with, among others: modern design of cold rolled dropsides, durable dropside hooks with compensation as well as drawbar run from the axles for bigger strength of the structure. All frame elements are hot-dip galvanized which guarantees their durability and high resistance to corrosion. 235T model has additionally: an axle of 750 kg loading capacity, openable front dropside and system of quick removal of dropsides. It is also equipped with: supporting wheel with a clamp and handles for cargo fastening as well as number plate frame.

Technical data

Dimensions of box-body 233x132x35
Empty weight 175 kg
GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) 750 kg
Loading capacity 525 kg
Internal length of box-body 233 cm
Internal width of box-body 132 cm
Height 88 cm
Total length 345 cm
Platform height from the ground 53 cm
Dropsides height 35 cm
Wheel size 155/70R13
Axles 2

Optional equipment

Flat tarpaulin: Dostępne
Tarpaulin with 800mm framework:Dostępne
Tarpaulin with 1000mm framework:Niedostępne
Tarpaulin with 1500mm framework:Niedostępne
Additional top sides H350:Dostępne
Additional mesh top sides H450:Dostępne
Additional mesh top sides H800:Niedostępne
Front ladder:Dostępne
Side supports:Dostępne
Supporting wheel with a clamp:Niedostępne
Spare wheel bracket:Dostępne
Spare wheel:Dostępne
Anti-theft protection (parking): Dostępne
Rear dropside reinforced with fluted metal sheet:Niedostępne
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