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About us

ZASŁAW is a Polish company with traditions (on the market since 1953), adhering to such values ​​as commitment, honesty and high standards. They support the continuous development of the company and affect the increasingly higher quality of products that leave every day from the assembly hall in Andrychów. The Zasław brand is known and recognized both at home and abroad.

We should look at the ZASŁAW brand through the prism of three key areas that are very important to us:

TECHNOLOGY. For years we have been ensuring that our products are better and better rated by users. We invest in our own technological solutions and we do not stop working on further improvements.

QUALITY. We are proud that as a producer from Poland, we can boast of such high quality today in terms of final products that the customer receives. This is our competitive advantage on the global market.

VISION. We are already among the leading manufacturers of vehicles and utility buildings in Poland and we are recognizable abroad, but we believe that our products can be even better and we implement many small changes every day, which will always make us grow.



The Zasław seat has also undergone a metamorphosis.

ZASŁAW has the most modern assembly hall in Poland

The surface of the production plant

15,5 ha


52000 m2


18500 m2

assembly hall



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